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Pinball Arcade 2.22.8
Play over 35 REAL PINBALL machines! Pinball Arcade is the mostrealistic and comprehensive pinball simulation ever created! PlayFIVE FREE TABLES every month! This month's free tables are: * FrankThomas' Big Hurt™ * Tee'd Off™ * Rescue 911™ * El Dorado EM™ Newtables added in this update: * Star Trek™ Vengeance Premium *AC/DC® Premium * Mustang® Premium “Boss” This expansive digitalarcade features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinballtables from ©Stern Pinball, Gottlieb® and Alvin G. & Co™together in one app. Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, anddisplay pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishingdetail. Rated 9.0 on IGN! G4TV Mobile game of the year.
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Brunswick Pro Bowling is the best bowling gameavailable for any phone or tablet.Developed by FarSight Studios (the creators of the award winningPinball Arcade™), this free-to-play mobile game is the mostrealistic bowling experience you can get without lacing up a pairof bowling shoes.Upgrade your bowling with all of the latest Brunswick® equipmentwith future ball releases to be added in updates.So whether you prefer to Practice your game on different oilpatterns, work on picking up tricky spares, or try your hand at oneof many Career challenges....Videogame Bowling just doesn't get any better than this!
Ghostbusters™ Pinball 2.0.5
Who ya gonna call for the best playing pinball on Android?!FarSight Studios, the makers of the award winning Pinball Arcade,have created Ghostbusters™ Pinball!Ghostbusters™ Pinball is fully licensed and based on the moviesGhostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 with music, sound effects, actorlikenesses and quotes from both movies.The pinball table is beautifully detailed. Gameplay is a tokenbased, free to play experience where the player receives ten freetokens to start and earns several free tokens each day. Pinballfans with FarSight’s Pinball Arcade installed on their device willfree tokens twice as fast!This game puts you in control of the Ghostbusters crew, featuringEgon, Peter, Ray and Winston, as they battle paranormal foes in NewYork City. The Playfield is divided into three levels representingiconic settings from the movies: the city, rooftop and subway. Useeight flippers to move the ball through the three levels byshooting up and down ramps, tubes and a manhole as you build up ahuge Ghost Bonus. Raise the Slimer Pop Bumper to reveal a ball lockfor Multi-Ball and then cross the streams on the roof to destroythe Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!The gameplay is a blast! There are even very detailed instructionsand goals to accomplish that help players of all skill levels enjoyall of the table's features.You asked, and we listened.For a limited time, you can now do away with tokens and buy thetable to enjoy unlimited play for just $4.99!We hope you enjoy it!
Elvira's™ Scared Stiff Pinball 1.0.4
FarSight Studios, developers of the greatest pinball simulationever made, Pinball Arcade, is proud to present Elvira's ScaredStiff Pinball.Scared Stiff™ is a stunning recreation of the 1996pinball table of the same name. All the sights and sounds of theoriginal machine are painstakingly recreated here. It features thebeguiling Elvira, Mistress of the Dark™ in a free to play, timeattack style game, based on the full version of Pinball Arcade'sScared Stiff™ pinball table.The game features a B-movie horrortheme. In Time Attack mode, players have 2 minutes to post thehighest score they can by completing as many different "Tales ofTerror" as possible. These include: Eyes of the Bony Beast, Terrorfrom the Crate, the Stiff in the Coffin, the Monster's Lab, Nightof the Leapers, and the Return of the Deadheads. The interactiveback box contains a player controlled spinning spider. It is usedto collect unique features and start special modes.Detailed gameinstructions, leaderboards, and custom pinballs are all standardfeatures in this free to play game.Once you play it, we know youwill agree... "It's time to get SCARED STIFF!"
Stern Pinball Arcade 1.01.13
IMPORTANT:If your device has less than 2GB of RAM, you will not beable to access AC/DC®, Star Trek® and Mustang™. Stern PinballArcade features widely popular and interactive titles such asRipley’s Believe it or Not™, Starship Trooper’s™, Frankenstein™,Harley Davidson™, Phantom of The Opera™, Last Action Hero™, HighRoller Casino™, AC/DC®, Star Trek® and Mustang™ with many availablethrough the in-game store.About The Product3D Arcade - Classicarcade setting with pinball tables, neon lighting, novelty propsand original works of art created by “Dirty Donny”.ROM Emulationand code compiled from real tables - 100% accurate gameplay andgraphics of real world pinball machines.DLC - Table Packs,Upgrades, Bundles and new features released regularly.Leaderboards- Bragging rights over friends or all players world-wide for eachtable; Single and multi-player games on any of the tables.SternChallenge - In this mode, users must hit a target score on each ofthe tables to earn Challenge points before moving on to the nexttable- a full game experience in itself.
Pinball Cadet 2.4
The year is 2030 and mankind is being threaten by Invaders from anearby galaxy. We need an intergalactic Pinball hero to protect us!Only those with outstanding Pinball skills will be chosen to defendEarth. Pinball Cadet, we have selected you as our new captain!Butnot so fast! Before you are deployed into space to fight off theInvaders, you must first prove yourself in the MMS PinballTrainship - the ultimate Pinball Warfare Simulator.Pinball CadetFeatures: - Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay.- Humanity hasnever seen a 2D Pinball game with pinball physics this realistic.-Trap, Cradle, Post Pass, Dead Flipper Pass, Backhand Shots and manymore real life Pinball Skills.- Innovative Mechanics bring Pinballto the Digital Age.- Huge "Open Board" game. Explore every nook andcranny on board the MMS Pinball Trainship.- EPIC BOSS FIGHTS!-Pilot your ship to the top of the Galactic Leaderboards and get thehighest insignias for your merit.- Level up, unlock badges,increase your multipliers. Cool RPG/Pinball MixCadet? Do you havethe Pinball skills needed to captain the MMS Pinball Battleship andsave humanity?! We are counting on you!