JellyKing : Rule The World 6.97
The wacky little Jelly starts his adventure! Help him bouncing andRule The World!It's all up to your hands and brain. You can enjoyJelly King with your Facebook friends! How to Play: Just Touch andHold Down to move your Jelly. Simple as that! Now, you are allready for the adventure. Welcome to the Jelly World!*2015 Five StarUser Reviews*★★★★★The best ever! I can't stop playing until my mumangry to me!★★★★★5 stars for it! Great game to release stress, LOVEIT! Tips to pass over those spikes: Just keep pressing thebutton★★★★★ADDICTED! had this game for over 6 months and i stillcontinue to play it! love it, keep it up! :)★★★★★Great! 'HandsomeDevelopers' should make more like these! *Jelly King contains thirdparty advertisements.Please see our privacy policy for additionalinformation.Jelly King is free to play,but you can choose to payreal money for some extra items.
TAMAGO Monsters Returns 3.45
The 2013 world hit game TAMAGO Monsters is back!Only 300 Hits &Surprise Monster Reward!Collect and grow countlessMonsters!Features1. ADVENTURE - forest of elves, dragonblight,zombie road2. COLLECT - normal, rare, unique, legend monster3.EQUIP - frozen tuna, angel sword, ak-474. GROW - magical food foryour monsters5. FEVER - challenge! gold rush mode*TAMAGO MonstersReturns contains third party advertisements.Please see our privacypolicy for additional information.TAMAGO Monsters Returns is freeto play,but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.
Hero Strike 125
Be a hero of this strange world.Tap to defeat monsters and use goldto upgrade your weapons! Hire mercenaries to help your heroicjourney!Features1. Tap your enemies mercilessly and be a hero ofthe world!2. Enjoy the FREE game without additional purchases.3.Save your precious time with AUTO PLAY.4. Complete 100+ weaponupgrades.5. Hire 20+ mercenaries to join your fight.6. Work yourway to master spectacular and various skill sets!★(We would like tobe in) the TOP 10 games of 2015!★★Recommended by the gamedeveloper’s MOM!★
젤리킹2 : 우주정복 for Kakao 24
# 젤리킹 소식1새로운 행성을 발견했습니다.NEW 아츄츄얼음왕국 행성 오픈!!지금 미친 손놀림으로 우주를 정복하세요~#젤리킹 소식2갓 오브 던전을 발견했습니다!!지금 무한의 터치로 던전을 정복하세요!# 젤리킹 소식3젤리킹2에 특별한젤리킹이 나타났어요~!☆ 공 튀기기의 최종 진화판! ☆튕기고 있는 젤리를 컨트롤 하라!귀여운 젤리킹을 다양한 방해꾼들을피해 소원의 구슬을 모아보세요!* 쉽고 간단한 우주 정복!!레벨업, 장비 강화, 스킬 사용 등 복잡한 RPG는 No!너무어려워 즐기기보다 스트레스가 쌓이는 게임도 No!두 개의 손가락으로 젤리킹이 바운스 바운스!최대한 쉬운 길을 찾을 수있는 당신의 두뇌로 즐기세요!* 개성만점 행성! 무한 업데이트 진행 중!타마고호를 타고 개성만점 행성들을 탐사해보세요.새로운 행성들은 무한 업데이트 됩니다!* 그 누구보다 빠르게! 우주를 정복하라!!혼자하는 정복은 이제그만!카카오톡 친구보다 먼저 우주를 정복하세요.* 특별한 젤리킹으로 더 신나게!반짝반짝 점프하는 엔젤킹부터 울부짖는드래곤 젤리킹까지!!더욱 특별해진 젤리킹으로 신나게 정복하세요.* 친구에게 자랑하고, 보상도 받고!카카오스토리에 우주정복을 자랑하세요!클리어 보상과 함께 숨겨진 재미있는 이미지도 꼭 확인하세요!----개발자 연락처 :서울시 서초구 명달로94 4층 스마트스터디 (02-3470-6941)앱 이용/결제 문의 : [email protected]([이메일보내기 버튼])*메일로 문의해주시면 평일 2일 이내에 답변드리겠습니다.Jelly King # 1 newsI'vefound a new planet.NEW Ah choo open ice planet kingdom!Join Now toconquer the universe with her hands - Crazy# 2 Jelly King newsIfound the dungeon of freshly !!Now dungeons to conquer the infinitetouch!# 3 jelly King newsSpecial Jelly King Jelly King, this showedup!☆ the final evolution of the frying ball! ☆Be the controltwinggigo jelly!Cute damage various Obstructing the Jelly KingCollect the beads wish!* Easy and simple to conquer theuniverse!Level up, strengthening equipment, using skills such ascomplex RPG is No!Too difficult to enjoy the game even more stressto accumulate No!Two fingers in jelly King bounce bounce!Enjoy asmuch as possible in your brain to find the easy way!* Personalityout of the planet! Update infinite progress!Take a Tama GoghExplore the individuality out of the planet.The new planets areupdated endless!* Faster than anyone else! And conquer theuniverse!Conquest alone is enough!Please conquer the universe thanfirst KakaoTalk friends.* More exciting special jelly King!AngelKing jumps from shiny sparkling howling dragon king to jelly!Pleaseexciting to conquer even more special jelly made king.* Brag toyour friends, and receive compensation!Please boasts a space toconquer the cacao story!Check fun hidden images with clearcompensation by all means!
JellyKing : God of Jump 31
Welcome to the Jelly World!The wacky little Jelly starts hisadventure! Help him jumping! Compete against friends!It's all up toyour hands and warned: this game is insanely addictive.*FEATURESItems : Giant potions, Ninja potions, Jetpacks,Strawberries, Shields, Magnets and FlowersEnemies : Spikes andGhostsPlatforms : broken, moving platformsCostumes : Panda King,Penguin King, etcHow to playTilt to move left or right.(Afterdrinking a Ninja potion) Tap the screen to shoot.NoteThis gamecontains third party advertisements.Please see our privacy policyfor additional information.
Restaurant King 400
Make your own restaurant!American, Italian, French, Korean,Japanese and more! Pick your own specialty.The entire building isyour own theme restaurantBecome a master chef!Get higher experiencelevel to unlock the new hidden specialty dishesPick your dreamteam!various chefs with different skill sets and specialty!Chooseyour favorite chef and negotiate the salaryFeature- No limits onadditional restaurants- A realistic salary negotiation with thechef- Tons of specialty dishes on various themes- Connect to googleplay to reach your achievementsNotes:This game requires internetconnection to play and a data fee may charged depending on yourdata plan.Also, advertisement may show while playing.