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best hero based RPG shooting game for free. first personshootergame of counter terrorism.modern strike. Now step into aworld fullof terrorists, make a blitz attack, secure a location,defuse abomb or just rescue hostages. Can you keep steady aim underheavyfire and strike out terrorists while grenades are explodingallaround you? Gun down your enemies using a variety of heavyweaponsswitch to butterfly knife to finish them off. It’s allyourcall!Game Features:- Breathtaking 3D graphics and excitingsoundeffects- Hundreds of thrilling missions and tons of weapons-Findthe play style that suits you best: Assault, Heavy, Recon,Sniper,Support, or Commander

App Information Modern Counter Terrorist Hero Strike 3D

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    Modern Counter Terrorist Hero Strike 3D
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    March 3, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    NanoHead Games
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The Battleground war is begin with full of fictional fight,thesecret warrior is ready to fight with the knight guards in thisfpsshooter Ultimate Battleground Survival game. You are on asecretsurvival mission and going alone inside the assault arena towinthe freedom from the brutal enemy soldier. The helicopter willhelpyou to reach towards the city town and you have to jump withtheparachute inside the city town. Incredible 3D environment ofthecity town and fabulous camera angles made this game crazierandaddictive.The spy agency has informed your fight for survivalteamthat the city town has been under the attack of the enemy andtheyhave killed majority of the citizens. This city town is acenter ofmineral and oil mines, which has attracted the attack bytheopponent in greed of money and power.The battle arena comprisesofthe city town which is expanded over the area of 95 acres,filledwith mineral and oil evacuation equipment's and a smallvastresidential area near it. You have to prepare the rules ofsurvivaland update your weapon inventory, very carefully becausethe combathas serious consequences along with royale battlereward.The freefps shooting game simulator will provide you withpersonal combathelicopters which give your survivor character toenter the townthrough flying helicopters and attached parachutesurvivalequipment.The user has to hide in risky spots and begintheshooting war by spotting the enemy and shoot free fire on theminthe battle arena. The royale battle adventure simulator is goingtoprovide you with shooting missions which will increase thenumberof enemy to be killed in number with increasing levels.Thisis asurvival battle shooting game in the battle ground of the citytownwhich requires the savior to attack and kill all enemies ineachmission owning the title of survivor royale defeating the enemyandsaving the city town and its citizens!It is going to beabattleground crash battle royale since it’s a big townscatteredenemy, and you will require your stock of guns like killerguns,shooting gun, sniper to counter attack your enemy in timing.Thisshooting war is a fort night so it requires updatedweaponinventory at all times!Battleground Survival AdventureFeatures:•Play as a 1st person secret agent.• Pick up the weaponryofdefeated enemy.• Use first aid box to improve the health.•Armorycontains AK 47, MP5, Sniper gun, Shoot Gun etc.• Use knifeandswords to fall down the enemy soldiers. • 3D epic citytownenvironment.• Show your heroic skill to survive inthebattlefield.• Strange camera angles and cool soundseffects.Waitingfor what? Download & Play this action packedshooting game forthe hell fun!
Target Sniper 3D Games 1.1.1 APK
Target Sniper 3D Game in this classic hardcore FPS games thatletsyou complete combat sniper stealth missions. Explore 30stealthshooter levels with 3 themes like Desert, Port and Snow. Bethe topshooter commander and hunt all who are hiding instrategiclocations. You are a trained hunter SWAT special counterterroristattack forces agent, your job is to kill the suspectsright nowwith the attacks. Make the best sniping strategy todestroy yourenemies in this snipers mission! As this Americanssniper trainsacts like rail shooter and eliminate each and everyenemy bytargeting and shoot them. It's time to show some ultimatesnipingskills. Many challenges are waiting for you as you attackenemy ona moving train.Fulfill US transportation duty thatrequireprotection from terrorist attack. Let not your energy leveldownduring the counter strike against the invasion. Get hold ofyourlong range snipers rifle, Set your aim and pull the triggertodestroy your enemy. Make sure you keep yourself well focusedanddetermined before firing your first shot. Please be carefulandlook around to prevent the enemies from SHOOTING on you.Asthelevels progress, the mission gets tougher and the rewardsgethigher. So equip yourself with the best gun and hunt them downtobe the top shooter. Search for targets based on radarinstructions;completing missions within a specified period of time.Use yourhuge reward to unlock your favorite from a variety ofoptions likeShooting guns, war weapons, assault rifles, main /auxiliaryweapons and Sniper rifles. The battlefield is full ofcrisis, allkinds of cutting-edge weapon after another, whether youcan escapeall the attacks, to complete all the challenges. It's afree fpsgame to pass the time! Defend the victims from kidnappingsto bombattacks: hostage survival is critical!"Alpha, Bravo,Charlie, doyou copy?" Find the target, aim, shoot. Save the statesecrets fromthe rogue agents and spies, and stop them fromspreading a terriblevirus. Do you have the skills? Help yourcountry in the massivenuclear competition. Buy the best Sniperrifles, assault rifles,shotguns or pistols that exist with the gemsyou earned in thegame! Upgrade the ammo, the grip, and the calibreto get bulletsthat inflict more damage, have better range, scope,stability, orzoom. Will you choose the hunting rifle, the awesomeassault mp5, aGlock or a Colt in the armory? Sniper 3D does notrequire you to bealways online in order to have fun. You can enjoyit offline in thesubway, while flying on a (real) plane, in the caron theroad.Features:- Ultra realistic 3D graphics and coolanimations-Hundreds of thrilling missions- Play in multiplebattlegrounds,from huge cities to beautiful beaches- Tons of lethalguns andmortal weapons- Addicting FPS gameplay- Easy andintuitivecontrols- Free game: play it both on your phone andtabletAIM andSHOOT! Download now for free one of the best fpsshooting games.Clash with the criminals on different scenarios.
Sniper Arena World War Heroes 1.1.3 APK
Get ready for the most amazing world war II winter snipermission.Highly thrilling Sniper Arena World War Heroes FPS ShootingGamewhere you will experience intense world war 2 Battleground.Play asa last world war hero to recapture army base in realisticwinterbattleground. In this first person shooter game, become blackopswinter soldier or trained battlefield war commando shootingheroalong ww2 war hero and accomplish world war ii or russian armycallfor duty sniper mission from ww2 strategy games to gain medalofhonor.Enjoy this epic first person shooter free action game.
Last Fort of World War 1.1.2 APK
nanohead games is yet again back with amazing action game of alltimes all set in battle roayle and fort. the best fort battle game.Watch out the guards on tower.fort of world war the last fort ofworld war is based on the events of world war 2. Enemies capturedthe fort in the village and it is the last fort they aredefending.get into the last fort in the night of world war and bethe savior.snipe the enemies and kill enemies with grenades andshovel knife and world war weapons.Get ready to play this Last FortNight Craft Survival Battle Royale game. You have to be ready tofight with the battle royale rivals as an alone fighter. Make sureabout your survival in this last royale survival battleground. Youhave to show your strategic mind tactics & talents. Enjoy thebest action packed 3D shooting in this last fort night craftsurvival mission. Use all your weaponry as an amazing shootersurvivor. You will gain the entire controls of this gameplay toachieve success in this combat. Shoot your opponents with. Set inthis biggest action bursting environment of fort night craftsurvival mission. Waiting for what? Play & Download this actionpacked shooting game for the hell fun!
Gangster Target Superhero Games 1.1.1 APK
Complete activity missions and destroy lawbreaker empiretoeliminate godfather of Russian mafia! in Vegas.GangsterTargetSuperhero Games Fight To Survive is one of the best openworldgames, You will be busy fighting against gang wars, mob fightsandsettling the ongoing vendetta against the Russian offense lordswhoare trying to take over the crime conurbation in Vegas.Time tomakesome difference against real mafia crime robbery theft in thevastcity of Vegas. Welcome to the world of the real downtown mafiacitywhere you are going to the wild streets of the gangstertown.Become the ultimate superhero against criminal godfather inthegangster mafia crime city simulator. Spread some terrorandshowthat you are the hero of the underground world. It’s timetostop the mafia gangster thug life with high speed chases ofthepolice. Do whatever you want to do in the Gangstar TargetSuperheroGames. You are answerable of your crime gangster in thecity ofMiami.Enjoy the freedom as a grand super hero. You are inthestreets of the downtown grand city of theft. Show somestealthyskills that are required to become the ultimate citysuperhero oftown. Now your time has come to take the revenge fromtheunderworld mafia gangster gang war. The city Los Santoswasactually the city of peace and happy people but now it hasbecomemore like a real gangster city as all the crime city anddowntownmafia gang war are ruling the Los Fierro also. You lostyour familyduring the war between the US police and the mafia crimecityrobbery criminals.And you were escaped from Los Fierroimmediatelyafter you lost your mother and father. You didn’t wantto be thevictim of those cruel theft crime city godfather so youmoved toLos Santos for the peaceful life you wanted before. Butthings werenot in your favor as that city was also full of thegrand downtownmafia crime city forces. You witnessed the grandrobbery mafiatheft in that city of sin.Now it’s time to take somerevenge fromthose grand city mafia criminal. Be the real superheronow in thethug life. This is your chance to load yourself withsomeheavyweapons and roll your sleeves up. Time to make some stealthymovesto the king of the city of sin and criminal gangster townrobbery,which is the grand god father. Meet someone to guide you inthereal grand city robbery Los Fierro so that you can make a plantostart the fight with the real gangster grand crime city ofsin.Feelthe best experience of the real gangster town mafiagame.GangsterTarget Superhero Games Features: -> SuperheroPowers andgangster cars-> Amazing township environment->Crime Mafiaand mob wars-> Realistic special effects-> Realsoundeffects-> Simple and easy controls-> Userfriendlyvisualization-> Smooth flight simulation-> Realistic3DvisualsWaiting for what? Download & Play this actionpackedopen world game for the hell fun!
Survivor of Westland 1.1.2 APK
Survivor of West land Gunfighter war is the game where Wild Westisas real as it gets. Play as a cowboy, you’ll tackle missions,earnrewards, challenge & duel to take out bandits and enjoytheland’s beauty. It’s all your call!explore the life of a LoneStarranger and fight robbers. Fight gangsters with pistols andrifles.In the Wild West of the Great American prairies, outlaws andevensheriffs are ready to sell brave men out for a fistful ofdollars.Frontier pioneers and bounty hunters have set carriagetrekstowards the fabled gold discovery sites in Klondike and Yukon,andto the great plains and deserts of Texas or New Mexico. Yourwagonconvoy ran into a bandit ambush and left you behind as theonlysurvivor, but certainly grim with anger to bring thosegunslingersto the hangman! Or shoot them right off theirhorses!Exploreexciting 3D western adventure and make your enemiespay in this oldwestern era town free action game! Explore this townon horsebackin old western town of front land as a western cowboysheriff now!Play as a cowboy sheriff riding fast horse to savefellow cowgirlfrom kidnapper robbers using stealth and tactics inthis amazingnew environment 3D action game. Ride your horse,challengeevil-bandit-thugs to duel, aim and take them all out witha singlebullet shot from your rifle. Race on barren lands to catchenemieshiding in abandoned west town on your fast horse usingyoursuperior riding skills. Save your partner from enemiesevilclutches. Stop thugs illegal activities and capture thesemostsought criminals with help from your partner and findenemieshidden loot to get exciting new rewards each time in thisexcitingwest world game.The gameplay story revolves around an oldforgottentown somewhere in wild of real west desert. Explore atrulydifferent side of world with huge fps West Wild front war fullofcowboys, western thieves and more in this 3D actionshooteradventure online free game. As an expert gun shooter youmusttackle every mission bravely with your partner and earnrewards.Give chase to these evil-bandit-thugs army while ridingyour horseexpertly in this fun fps shooting free online 3Dactiongame.Features:- Ultra realistic 3D graphics and coolanimations-Multiple thrilling missions- Play in multiple deserts ofTexas-Tons of lethal guns and mortal weapons- Addicting FPSgameplay-Easy and intuitive controls- Free game: play it both onyour phoneand tabletAIM and SHOOT! Download now for free one of thebest wildwest fps shooting games.
Modern Counter Terrorist Hero Strike 3D 1.0.1 APK
best hero based RPG shooting game for free. first personshootergame of counter terrorism.modern strike. Now step into aworld fullof terrorists, make a blitz attack, secure a location,defuse abomb or just rescue hostages. Can you keep steady aim underheavyfire and strike out terrorists while grenades are explodingallaround you? Gun down your enemies using a variety of heavyweaponsswitch to butterfly knife to finish them off. It’s allyourcall!Game Features:- Breathtaking 3D graphics and excitingsoundeffects- Hundreds of thrilling missions and tons of weapons-Findthe play style that suits you best: Assault, Heavy, Recon,Sniper,Support, or Commander
Car Drive 2018 1.1.2 APK
This latest driving simulator will give you a feel of mountaincardrive in a simple realistic 3D hill car driving gameenvironment.Car Drive 2018 will offer you the chance to become areal carsracing driver. Car Drive 2018 is a realistic simulation ofoffroadcar drive and extreme hill racing game. In this carsgamessimulation, who loves to drive his real cars very much inthedifficult hill paths. so,for the real driver we have designedtheenvironment because we want to take you to climb the area. Sotryto go through this amazing game and you will really enjoyit..!!You will have so much fun by climbing the hills and pass overtheobstacles. And you have to cross all the mountains area, AndbePlease be careful because roads are too short. Speed drivingonsuch road may cause you to fall. So do not gospeed,travelcarefully and be the top scorer. So what are youwaiting for? Jumpinto your vehicle and try this to explore alllevels now!Become theextreme car driver in this offroad car drivegame. If you arelooking about the games for boys or kids games thentry to playgames like this mountain car driving games 3d. As youhave playedmany other flying games like motorbike games, musclecargames andflying bus simulator games but this one is uniquemountain cardrive game for the fans of automobile car games,flights car racinggames and airplane games or future car taxigames. Get ready toplay free car racing games which is one game ofthe top car gamesand transport games. If you want to play games tobecome cardriver. Do you love to play Lamborghini games, Turboracing gamesand Ciara floating car games? This “eeee” future flyingcarsimulation 3D game is only for the lovers of top car games,freecar games and extreme car driving games. This flying wheelcoachesis the best game in all games of rocket car flying games andrealdrift car games. If you have a real driving passion forconceptcars, sports cars, and muscle cars to fly over the city thentry toplay games free download from play store.FEATURES:• AmazingHDGraphics and sound effects• Real driving simulator• A lot ofnewcars• Enormous immersive open world environment• Easy cardrivingcontrols• Dynamic camera anglesSo what are you waiting for?Jumpinto your vehicle and drive your car in car drive 2018.